Individual Coaching

Work with Mel one-on-one on what you need most – help getting through a time of change, disrupting entrenched problems, or better self-knowledge. Individual coaching is focused on YOU.

Group Coaching

If you have a team you want to work together more effectively or you want to create cohorts that cross organizational boundaries, group coaching is an effective way to make that happen.


  • Understanding Your Strengths
  • Employee Engagement – the Manager’s Role
  • Culture and Your Impact
  • Communication (Strengths-based)
  • Team Coaching Workshop
  • Bringing Your Whole Self to Work
  • Building Influence When You’re Not In Charge

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us to talk about creating a workshop on a unique topic!


Working on a difficult problem, a complicated question, or trying to come to consensus? Facilitation can make these discussions smoother and more effective. After an initial consultation with clients, we use a variety of techniques, including human-centered design, dynamic discovery methods, and critical thinking exercises, to bring the group to the final desired result. Using a facilitator frees up clients from worrying about timekeeping, notetaking, or process; they only need to show up and participate!