About Us

Mel Kepler

I’m a certified Strengths coach whose specialty is helping people get through times of change – and make changes of their own.

I coach individuals, couples, and teams using a Strengths-based approach that encourages people to build on what they’re good at and enjoy, rather than trying to become someone they’re not.

I have delivered workshops on a variety of topics, including culture, communication, employee engagement, building influence, and management. 

I have worked with US government organizations, private companies of all sizes, classrooms and academic institutions, and unaffiliated human beings to improve themselves and their groups. From the White House Situation Room to your local library’s children’s section to the C-suite to the labor and delivery unit: whoever you are, whatever your circumstances, things can improve and I can help you get there.

Check out my writing at GovLoop about work-related topics!

What Customers are Saying:

“Mel was surgically insightful…I felt like a pinned butterfly, but nonviolently.”

Erin, freelance author and editor, coaching client

“When I saw you on our agenda, I thought, ‘Oh, great.’ But this was really useful and has changed how I think about working with my team.”

Laura, private company team workshop attendee

“My time with Mel has been, without a doubt, among the most valuable professional and leader development experiences of my career.”

Faye, university Executive Director, coaching client